Silent Rights has partnered with various companies and organisations to ensure we can offer these services to our women at no cost. Standing together united in the fight against Domestic Violence and GBV. 

Should you wish to partner with us please contact info@silentrights.co.za

Complete you
Complete You

Nicole has in-depth experience in Managing, Motivating and Mentoring in many walks of life. Complete You Life Coaching’s mission is to ensure that everyone who crosses their path understands how beautiful it is to be “Completely you”! 

She will guide you every step of the way to achieve your goals and dreams. 

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Finding your purpose
Finding Your Purpose

Finding your Purpose is a Mindset Transformation journey where you are coached in a non-judgmental environment on how to live a purpose-driven life by understanding your own value system, breaking your self-created limiting beliefs, discovering  the rules you put in place for yourself, delving into negative thought patterns, your projections and your triggers in order for you to have the ability to take back your power and lead the life you were meant to have.

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i-LEAD Logo
i-LEAD Self Defense

i-LEAD was created to help vulnerable women and children feel safer and more confident through self defense. We provide life skills training including safety awareness, self defense, weapons defense, survival first aid and yoga to women and children in South Africa. Admission to i-LEAD hosted workshops is free of charge. It is our firm belief that you should feel safe as you go about your daily life. Our goal is to prepare you mentally and physically so that if you encounter a dangerous situation, you are able to get to safety. The program is offered through Community Workshops, College & School Seminars, Corporate Workshops and through Train-the-Trainer programs. Join the i-LEAD movement and learn techniques to save your life. 

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great people of SA
The Great People of SA

The Great People of South Africa is a women-led NPO that operates as a Paralegal Advice Centre, advocating for gender equality, women and girl’s rights, the rights of the LGBTQI+ community and people living with disabilities. We are focused on issues such as gender based violence, access to the Justice System, sexual and economic violence and sexual and reproductive rights.


The organization was started by Zintle Khobeni who is a human rights activist. With over 5 years experience in the non-profit sector, she mobilized other activists and law students mainly women and the LGBTQI+ community from various backgrounds to join her, with the sole intention of using the Constitution and their basic legal knowledge to establish the organisation to offer free basic legal advice and to advocate against human rights violations towards vulnerable people and those living in indigent communities. 

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Loydall Counselling Relationship Spec & Personal Dev Coach
Loydall Counselling

Life coaching and counselling to help people manage and overcome challenges, make changes, believe in their potential and reach towards living a better life.

“It only takes a spark to get a fire burning”

Everyone has the potential!

Focus areas: Relationship Counselling/ Personal Development Coaching / Change Management Facilitation

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MissFit Boxing Studio

MissFit Boxing Studio has been specifically designed for the 21st century woman, we have set out our studios to give you the best training experience of its kind offering you nothing but the best looking to the most functional fitness facility, with an upbeat vibe that will have you and your Girls coming back and swinging for more.  

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Mzanzi School of Yogic Arts

Mzansi School of Yogic Arts was born from the love of Yoga, and the vision to study it and share it with the world. From humble beginnings and a love beyond explanation of two souls, connected through the gifts of Yoga, a business evolved.

We provide this art within several industries and providing many ways to encourage as many people as possible to start, continue with or grow their practice of Yoga. 

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Rise Against Domestic Violence SA

Rise Against Domestic Violence SA (NPC) is a non-profit company. Their mission is to become the organisation of choice to assist victims as well as the reform of perpetrators who need assistance to become better people and end the cycle of domestic violence. We will drive awareness of domestic violence and advocate change towards all types of domestic violence to make South Africa a better place for all. 

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Vita Nova Counselling Centre

Offering Counselling, Workshops and Training since 2010. Their services include:

·         Adult survivor of childhood trauma

·         Business counselling

·         Forensic Assessments

·         Loss, grief & bereavement counselling

·         Marriage counselling

·         Parental guidance

·         Play therapy

·         Post-divorce counselling

·         Relationship counselling

·         Socio-emotional assessments

·         Trauma counselling

·         Teenage, student and young adult counselling 

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Community Counselling Clinic print version-1
Community Care Clinic

Community Care Clinic was established to support people who cannot afford expensive private life coaching and counselling. We offer general counselling and life coaching, as well as health and wellness guidance through this platform. CCC is specifically available to persons earning under R8500/month (R200/session). Fees are kept at a minimum, to be able to offer much needed support.


Email: info@communitycareclinic.co.za

Up to ME

Up To Me provides medium and long term entrepreneurial educational support to the women of South Africa who have suffered at the hands of abuse. Gender Based Violence inclusive of intimate partner abuse, rape and femicide has been touted as a South African national pandemic. 

Up To Me strives to encourage gender equality through the creation of sustainable economic empowerment. Our target group of beneficiaries are indeed the women of South Africa, but in the interest of true gender equality and depending on demand, we will occasionally allow for the inclusion of all members of society who find themselves in abusive situations.

My Chance, My Change!

Be sure to have a look at their website, get involved and share these valuable resources www.uptome.org.za

StandUnitedSA Logo

StandUnitedSA’s VISION is clear and precise – NO MORE SILENCE Create awareness, provide a source and a voice on how to deal with Gender-Based Violence, Abuse and Bullying. Rally support expand the voice to those impacted.  

 Providing a centralized Network for support to victims through a data free portal, making use of technology and our Established National Support Network.     

Mission  To Reach Every Women and Child in NEED and forge meaningful Partnerships with Organizations willing to stand united against the onslaught on the Women, Men and Children in our Nation.   Making use of technology for easy access to resources, support, swift response and justice.   standunitedsa.org/report-a-gbv-incident/ triggers a “SILENT” alert to the Gender-Based Violence Command Centre reported by the victim or a loved one.   

 Reach out on standunitedsa.orghttps://www.standunitedsa.org