silent rights team

Chantelle Morrison

Founder & Director  

After experiencing abuse in a domestic setting Chantelle Morrison was determined to fight for her basic human rights. During her journey of discovery and recovery, Chantelle realised a need for support and services for the countless women facing the same experience and challenges that she was facing. With a passion for knowledge and justice, Silent Rights was launched on 3 August 2020. Chantelle knew that it would take a team of incredible women to be able to make a difference, to bring women from all walks of life together in the fight against women abuse. With determination and a whole lot of heart, the Silent Rights team was formed. 

Chantelle is a certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner, and has attended various courses on gender-based violence, healing and empowerment. 



Chantelle Knoetze  


With a deep passion for women’s rights and empowerment, Chantelle Knoetze joined the team the second she found out about Silent Rights. Chantelle has witnessed the severe effects of women abuse and has lost close friends due to gender based violence. She is our driving force behind women empowerment and skills development, ensuring we equip survivors with the tools to not only better their lives, but to also break generational cycles.



Jade Follentine


As a survivor of domestic abuse and an advocate for women's rights, Jade Marais has brought a very compassionate heart to our team. Jade provides a voice of hope and healing for victims of abuse and violence. Her unique approach to the fight against women abuse is through her very own heart strings and experience. Jade has a determination to improve the quality of life for all women, and will leave no broken hearts unhealed.  


Amanda Jansen Van Rensburg 

Life Coach - Unique Me

My background is one of many the same tale which I am sure you have heard. I had alcoholic parents, went through emotional neglect and an addict for a husband. I have depression and anxiety and had extreme low self-confidence which has taken time to heal. When I found out about Silent Rights I jumped on board immediately without hesitation because I know and have learnt that with the right tools, guidance and support women can heal and move forward from their past and recover the very soul that was lost through abuse and victimization. As women it is our birthright to feel safe, confident and worthy. There is a saying that it takes a village to raise a child, in the same breath it takes a sisterhood to heal a women and being part of Silent Rights is just that. We are a sisterhood with many different skills to help and strengthen our community of women. I am a coach and a mentor and take a very different approach to healing and use an eclectic mix of Tarot, Reiki and shamanic art therapy as tools to help you find your way back to who are truly meant to be. I do want to highlight this one thing, hurt is hurt, and in no way can one diminish that, whether it be emotional, physical or mental, it all hurts and being able to recognize that within yourself and others is one of the first steps to healing. Silent Rights has offered that platform for women to feel safe and to feel heard and I am so proud to be part of that. t



Physical abuse is any intentional or unwanted contact with you or any act or threatened act of physical violence towards a person.


This is the type of abuse that many people think of when they hear the word abuse. Examples of physical abuse include:

·         Scratching, punching, biting, strangling or kicking.

·         Throwing something at person such as a phone, book, shoe or keys.

·         Pulling your hair or grabbing your clothes.

·         Pushing, shoving or pulling you.

·         Using a gun, knife, box cutter, bat, mace or any other weapon.

·         Smacking your bottom without your permission or consent.

·         Forcing you to have sex or perform a sexual act.

·         Grabbing your face to make you look at them.

·         Grabbing you to prevent you from leaving or to force you to go somewhere.

·         Refusing medical care and/or controlling medication.

·         Coercing a person into substance abuse. 

Nikki Petersen

Mindset Coach - Finding your Purpose

When Nikki Petersen got tired of living a life filled with rage and resentment, she knew she had to do something, so she walked away from a 22 year corporate career and went on to qualify as a Mindset Life Coach and a Yoga Teacher. Nikki then started her journey of healing as she overcame childhood traumas, recovered from two abusive marriages with narcissists and beat Stage 4 cancer. Nikki has a clear purpose in life and that is to help women take back control of their lives, by helping them break down barriers, acknowledging and dealing with their emotional trauma, teaching them how to empower themselves and achieve a life of happiness, as they deserve.


Finding your Purpose is a Mindset Transformation journey where you are coached in a non-judgmental environment on how to live a purpose-driven life by understanding your own value system, breaking your self-created limiting beliefs, discovering  the rules you put in place for yourself, delving into negative thought patterns, your projections and your triggers in order for you to have the ability to take back your power and lead the life you were meant to have.




Nicole Baker

Business Coach - Complete You

I am volunteering my services and knowledge to Silent Rights because I know what it is like to go through an abusive relationship with a Narcissist, and not know how to get yourself out of it without love and support from someone who understands the process of it.  After this experience, which was nearly 20 years ago, my dream was to get involved with women who needed me in the way I needed someone at that stage.  My passion and love in life is building people up and helping them love and appreciate themselves, guiding them to become their own best friend and their own biggest motivator in their lives, as this is where it all starts to change, once you can love yourself, you teach other people that you are not prepared to accept any less!


Nicole has in-depth experience in Managing, Motivating and Mentoring in many walks of life. Complete You Life Coaching’s mission is to ensure that everyone who crosses their path understands how beautiful it is to be “Completely you”! She will guide you every step of the way to achieve your goals and dreams. 




Jaci Loydall

Loydall Counselling & Community Care Clinic

I know first hand how important support is. I have seen lives change, one step at a time. Silent Rights gives women hope, when they feel like there isn’t any. It’s so inspiring and rewarding to be part of this amazing journey with you all.


I started life coaching and counselling to help people manage and overcome challenges, make changes, believe in their potential and reach towards living a better life. “It only takes a spark to get a fire burning”. Everyone has that potential. Through my own life experiences I know it is possible. (Focus areas: Relationship Counselling/ Personal Development Coaching / Change Management Facilitation)


Jaci has also established a Community Care Clinic to support people who cannot afford expensive private life coaching and counselling. We offer general counselling and life coaching, as well as health and wellness guidance through this platform. CCC is specifically available to persons earning under R8500/month (R200/session). Fees are kept at a minimum, to be able to offer much needed support.



Community Care Clinic  


Zenda-Lee Williams

Founder - Rise Against Domestic Violence SA  

I have been a victim of Domestic Abuse and Narcissistic Abuse. I was exploited and humiliated publicly online. When I saw Silent Rights SA, I immediately thought it would be a great idea to be a part of a movement and advocate violence against women. I hope to learn, inspire and assist women in need and who have suffered under the hands of domestic violence. I am motivated to teach women that Domestic Violence does not only consist of domestic abuse but also of emotional, mental and financial abuse which can be far more damaging. It is a silent abuse and difficult to prove.


Rise Against Domestic Violence SA is raising awareness & advocating change towards all types of domestic violence. We are driven by a single goal, to do our part in making the world a better place for all. This cause welcomes, men, women, victims & abusers.



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Danielle Kleyn

Justice in Heels

I stumbled across the Silent Rights website when I was doing research for a paper I wanted to write on GBV. I observed the page for a while and was amazed by how much they care. I decided that I want to join them and do what I can to help raise awareness. 

I am a Bcom Law graduate and third year LLB student with a tremendous passion for people. I also work for a brand called the Divorce Chick, where I have already learned so much.

I am volunteering my time to Silent Rights because there are so many ladies out there who do not know what their rights are in a GBV situation. This often costs them not only their happiness, but sometimes even their lives. It is my life purpose to educate and empower other women by giving them legal guidance.


Facebook Page:

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Lynique Odendaal

Advocate for empowering women

Motivated by her love for the legal system, Lynique strives to help others by empowering women standing ready to help wherever she possibly can! Studying law at the University of Pretoria, Lynique aims to  bring about change in our legal system. She is passionate about people and reflects a varied personality including ambition, resilience, generosity and adaptability. According to Lynique, being a volunteer at Silent Rights SA awards her the opportunity to be a helping hand for those in need, being introduced first hand to the legal gap our society faces and pin pointing how change can be implemented in the years to come.

Lynique is inspired by those who dedicate their lives to bringing about positive change throughout the world and strives to do exactly that!

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Crystal Fourie

Encouraging and supporting women

I have had experience with some forms of abuse, and I would like to help and support other women who don't really have the support or may not have the right support. The journey to getting back on your feet, breaking out of a negative mindset, leaving someone you have grown deeply attached to, starting with nothing, and not having anyone to turn to or even leaving a toxic job/environment is heartbreaking. The consequences and after-effects of executing these things can be so difficult to go through and a lot of us are left to figure it out on our own. I also would like to support those who decide to stay in whatever vice they are in for whatever reason and have them know that they are not alone. 

I love to be a part of this warm bubble where each person knows that they are safe, loved, cherished, and can do anything they set their heart out to do!

Christelle Fourie

Christelle Fourie

Supporting and empowering women

I joined Silent Rights last year when I was at rock bottom fresh out of another toxic relationship, a single mother in need of serious healing. When I joined it was like being welcomed into a long lost family. Since then I've been able to get counseling for not only myself but for my child as well. My life has drastically changed because of all the effort that the founders and volunteers put into Silent Rights. They walked a journey with me to the point where I am able to help other women. Who else can lead fellow Queens out of toxic relationships to their own healthy life than us that have already been there and done that? This is what makes Silent Rights so special because they live up to their 

I love to be a part of this warm bubble where each person knows that they are safe, loved, cherished, and can do anything they set their heart out to do!