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The benefits of Life Coaching for domestic violence survivor 

Domestic violence leaves a scar on a woman’s self esteem, given that mental and emotional abuse are the most difficult to overcome, but not impossible. 

Among the alternatives proposed for the survivors are those related to mental health, including visits to a psychologist, psychiatrist or counseling as well as participating in support groups. All with the purpose to restore self-esteem. 

This is not an exception for life coaches, contrary to a large market to work, given that personal training sections are intended only to positively impact the areas of self that have been effected by pain. 

Focusing on limiting beliefs of the participants, raising their self-esteem. 

It works privately in the sessions one by one, or more communication methods used by coaches (webinar, skype, or by telephone). 

Key areas in these sessions include positive reinforcement, inner healing and goal planning. 

Areas depend on vital importance to the improvement or personal transformation of any person, including domestic violence survivors. 

The coaching system is designed to be a link to the growth of a human being who has faced challenges that affects one's emotions and mental outlook. 

Studies have shown that these processes of personal training, significantly improve the esteem of the person and in turn improves the perspective to appreciate the situations in their daily lives.


Silent Rights has a team of dedicated and qualified life coach to work with women of abuse to help them rebuild not only themselves, but their outlook on life. 

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