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We’re about bringing women from all walks of life together, to support each other, to help each other, to stand together united in the fight against Women Abuse. 

We are creating awareness.

We are offering help for victims.

We are giving each other support.

We are educating Women about Abuse.

Silent Rights was formed from direct experience of Domestic Violence and Gender-Based Violence. Because of this our Directors ensured that we approach our fight from various directions to ensure that we help victims in every way possible and to ensure that we are able to offer these services at no cost to every woman in South Africa. 

Abuse affects every area of a woman’s life and she will forever be changed in some way. Because of this our focus is to provide services and resources to help women rebuild their lives in every way.  

Realizing most women do not have the financial ability to get professional services to fight for their rights and to aid their recovery, Silent Rights set out to ensure we can provide all our services at no cost, and without restrictions, so that no woman feels like she is alone or cannot fight back because of financial restraints.

Psychological Counselling

We offer free counselling. For more information click below or send us an email

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Join our WhatsApp group to open up, speak to other survivors, share your experiences and advice and help other women! 

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Life Coaching

We have partnered with some amazing life coaches to help you with your recovery and to rebuild yourself.

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Legal Guidance

We are able to provide Legal Guidance on your rights, how to open cases, how to apply for a protection order and how to workout a parenting plan.

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Assistance with applying for Protection Orders

We will guide you through the application process and educate you on what to expect in court. 

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Assistance with opening cases

We can guide you on how to successfully open cases against abusers.

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Resources for Men of Abuse and Violence