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Survivor Story: Ena Berger
Ena Berger, a mother to two beautiful children, survived 9 bullets after being shot by a man she loved in 2012.
Adverse Childhood Experiences
Adverse childhood experiences, also known as ACEs, are adverse (negative and impactful) experiences that occur during formative childhood years. These include single traumatic events and ongoing traumatic experiences like abuse.
Co-parenting with a Narcissist
Parenting is hard work. Co-parenting can be even more daunting. Co-parenting with someone who has a full-blown personality disorder is extremely challenging. They are often inflexible, defensive, and manage the situation in unhealthy ways, it may feel near impossible at times.
Regain Your Self-Respect
Respecting yourself is the first step toward understanding you deserve love, consideration, and opportunities like everyone else. Self-respect is loving yourself and treating yourself with care. It’s the result of staying true to your values and not being willing to compromise.
Common causes of domestic violence in relationship
Anyone who has seen a family destroyed by domestic violence can wonder what would make a person act that way. Many perpetrators of domestic violence strike out without warning. This type of unexpected behavior is relatively common.
Self-care Tips To Heal From Trauma And Abuse
Survivors of abuse can practice some self-care that encourages emotional healing and helps them reconnect with themselves. Read on to learn more about abuse, as well as some self-care tips that foster healing from trauma.
How to Set Boundaries
Boundaries can help you retain a sense of identity and personal space, and they’re easier to create and maintain than you might think.
Gaslighting is a difficult aspect of emotional health. Probably the most common and easiest way to think about gaslighting is when you are psychologically manipulated by someone to question your own sanity.
Healing after an abusive relationship
If you’ve recently left an abusive relationship, you’ve already taken one of the most important steps of the process — leaving. Learning how to heal and take care of yourself after the breakup can help you navigate what comes next.
Care Packs help victims of violence
Our project of donating Care Packs to victims of violence is about more than just helping a woman when she needs it the most, but also to create the much needed exposure about the violence against women and children. Sexual assault awareness is a subject that is not given the attention it deserves, perhaps because many of us are uncomfortable talking about it.
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