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About Silent Rights and our history

Welcome to Silent Rights - a platform born out of the determination and resilience of Chantelle Morrison, a survivor of domestic abuse.

Silent Rights stands as a beacon of support and empowerment for women facing abuse, providing invaluable guidance and resources to navigate the challenging journey towards reclaiming one's rights and dignity.

Our mission is clear: to shed light on the shadows of abuse, to empower survivors to recognize their worth, and to provide a roadmap towards healing and rebuilding. Through our blog, we offer a comprehensive toolkit, from understanding the signs of abuse to taking concrete steps to enforce your rights.

Silent Rights has collaborated with local SAPS (South African Police Services) for awareness events, as well as other organizations such as i-Lead Self Defense teaching vulnerable women and children self-defense techniques. As well as facilitating various fundraising initiatives.

We believe in the power of solidarity and knowledge. Together, we can break the silence, break the cycle, and build a future free from abuse. Join us as we embark on this journey of resilience, strength, and hope.

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16 Days of Activism event addressing 150 victims of abuse

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SAPS 16 Days of Activism