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Silent Rights, a Non-Profit Company founded for the fight against Domestic Violence.


We’re about bringing women from all walks of life together, to support each other, to help each other, and to stand together united in the fight against Women Abuse.


We are creating awareness.

We are offering help for victims.

We are giving each other support.

We are educating Women about Abuse


Silent Rights was founded in August 2020 after our founder experienced Domestic Abuse herself and realised a need for services and support for women of abuse, to not only identify abusive behaviour, but to equip women with the knowledge and resources to change their situation, to get protection, and to heal from their abusive experiences.


Abuse affects every area of a woman’s life and she will be forever changed in some way. Because of this, Silent Rights’ focus is to assess the effects of abuse from every angle and to find solutions and resources to help women rebuild in all the ways their abuse affected them.


Realising that most women do not have the financial ability to get professional services to aid their emotional recovery and healing, most women do not have access to lawyers or the knowledge of the Acts and Regulations designed to protect them.


Silent Rights has teamed up with various companies and organizations to ensure we can offer these services to our women at no cost.


Because abuse affects women throughout South Africa we have ensured our services and assistance is available remotely and virtually, ensuring we help women no matter where they live.


The services we currently offer, at no cost, are the following:

·         24/7 support through our Support Groups on WhatsApp and Facebook

·         One on One counselling facilitated by Vita Nova Counselling

·         Weekly live counselling and guidance on our Support Group on Facebook.

·         Life Coaching through our various weekly live sessions which are streamed on our Life Coaching group as well as 24/7 support and guidance through our Life Coaching group on WhatsApp and Facebook

·         Physical wellness is as important as mental wellness, therefore we have a dedicated group on WhatsApp and Facebook that offers regular advice on guidance focused on promoting physical wellness. Further to this we provide Yoga sessions through our Facebook group by Mzanzi School of Yogi Arts.

·         Career coaching and entrepreneurial guidance to enable our women to empower themselves and advance in their careers and to be able to sustain themselves financially.


Silent Rights was formed through direct experience with abuse, because of this all our volunteers and members are personally invested in making sure we change the lives of women throughout South Africa.


We understand what it is like to be abused, to see abuse, the effects of abuse, and most importantly what it takes to heal, recover and rebuild after abuse.

You are not alone.

You are not the only one.

You can and will hear from this. 

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